OMG 2 Teaser OUT – Akshay Kumar as Lord Shiva in ‘OMG 2’ Teaser

Akshay Kumar’s anticipated film OMG 2 just dropped its teaser trailer, and it is amazing! In it, we see Akshay as Lord Shiva coming to Pankaj Tripathi and his family’s rescue, donning his iconic attire while wielding a massive trident. The visuals look incredible as this teaser promises an epic and thrilling storyline on Tamil Play for free!

OMG 2  Teaser (Oh My God!) is an eagerly anticipated sequel to the popular film of the same name and has already generated tremendous excitement among viewers. According to its teaser trailer, OMG 2 explores themes of faith and divine intervention through Akshay Kumar as Lord Shiva, who helps Pankaj Tripathi and his family during a tough period – creating magic on screen between these talented actors!


Fans of Akshay Kumar, Pankaj Tripathi and their OMG 2 Teaser franchise eagerly await its release this October. Its teaser trailer has raised curiosity considerably; viewers who love movies will want to watch out for more updates regarding ‘OMG 2″, with Akshay Kumar again playing Lord Shiva! Get ready for an action-packed battle between good and evil on screen as Akshay brings Lord Shiva alive for another round!


  • Akshay Kumar, Pankaj Tripathi and Yami Gautam released the OMG 2 teaser today
  • The movie is written and directed by Amit Rai
  • OMG 2 will release on 11th of August

Akshay Kumar and Yami Gautam’s OMG 2 Teaser is Here – Impressive Look of Akshay as Lord Shiva!

Akshay Kumar and Yami Gautam’s anticipated sequel ‘OMG 2’ has finally made its long-awaited teaser available online, creating a stir among audiences. Akshay is truly impressive as Lord Shiva, portraying both its essence and appearance flawlessly in Akshay’s performance as Lord Shiva.

Pankaj Tripathi’s powerful voiceover sets an unforgettable tone for this teaser trailer of “Revolt: Vol 2.” Stills from Akshay Kumar as Lord Shiva are seen throughout, along with Pankaj and his family going through difficult times until Akshay arrives to help guide their lives as Pankaj finds comfort from Him in Akshay’s form as Lord Shiva.

Akshay and Pankaj share the scene where Akshay delivers the powerful line, “Rakh Vishwas tu hai Shiva ka das” (Be true, you are Lord Shiva’s servant). Unfortunately, Yami Gautam remains hidden as she does not appear in this teaser trailer.

Teasers of OMG 2 indicate it will be an eye-opening social comedy with dramatic and comedic elements that promise an exhilarating viewing experience for audiences of all kinds. The teasers suggest this will result in captivating entertainment for them all! Akshay Kumar shared the #OMG2Teaser out now on Instagram and is inviting fans to visit his profile to watch and witness its magic for themselves.

Akshay Kumar Reveals OMG 2 Teaser Release Date

Akshay Kumar is gearing up for the release of ‘OMG 2,’ with its impressive cast, including Pankaj Tripathi and Yami Gautam, set to hit theatres next month. Also, exciting news regarding its teaser release date was recently released!

Akshay Kumar took to his social media accounts on Sunday morning to share a short clip featuring himself from “OMG 2.” Additionally, he announced the official teaser release date stating, “#OMG2Teaser coming July 11; movie will hit theatres August 11.”

Viewers get a closer glimpse at Akshay Kumar, building anticipation for an upcoming teaser of OMG 2 that is set for release on July 11. Fans should mark July 11 on their calendar and then prepare to experience its entirety when it hits theatres on August 11.

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